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For blog marketing London as we all know creating one is quite easy once you know your way around setting it up.

Actually driving traffic to your blog and then maintaining it with regular posts is quite a difficult task and one which many small business owners either give up on or outsource to somebody else to do on their behalf.  Very understandable!

To get your post to the top of the search engines you have to do a lot of hard work and it can take time, depending upon the business niche and how much competition there is for the keywords for which you want your blog to rank.

This article explains some of the ways to drive large amounts of traffic to your blog as well as SEO (search engine optimization) strategies that work to promote your article. and by promoting your article.  If you apply the recommendations outlined below you will definitely rank better on the search engines, particularly Google and drive more traffic to your blog and therefore your business to generate more enquiries and leads.

Content is definitely still King

Writing unique content that is both engaging and SEO friendly – meaning it includes the all important keywords in order to get found by searchers is an absolute necessity.  If you are successful in getting traffic to your blog then you can generate leads for your business online.   If you don’t follow these ‘rules for success’ then you’ll be inclined to think that blogging doesn’t work and give up.

We generally write 400+ words for our clients as this is considered good practice by Google and makes it much easier for a blog to rank more highly.  Consider your reader first and foremost when you write but at the same time consider your search engine indexing with relevant keywords and don’t keep repeating them or add too many (about 15 tops is a good rule of thumb).

Keyword Research

Using the right keywords can lead to huge amount of traffic to your blog.  It’s better to use keywords which have a high monthly search and less competition within your business niche.  Try to find keyword search phrases that your competitors haven’t come across to index more highly in the search engines.  Add your keywords in your first paragraph and last paragraph.  When you add your image make sure you tag it with your chosen keywords as well as your business name.  Add the keywords to your tags, title description and make sure your video title matches your blog title.  Add the same tags on YouTube once you’ve uploaded your video too.


At the end of January 2014, 1.23 billion users were active on the website every month and is increasing day by day. You can benefit from this vast social media by posting your article links in different Facebook groups under your blog’s topic with a similar description according to that post. You can also create your own groups and fan pages on facebook and get a large amount of traffic from it.  Once you’ve posted your blog, add the title as a hashtag and within 2-4 days your  Facebook fan page will index on Google for the same keyword search phrase.

Google+ and other social media sites

It may appear strange that we give Facebook it’s own heading and the other social media sites share an explanation.  That’s simply because Facebook is the number 1 social media website for driving traffic. All the same, use other sites such as Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube to get more visitors to your blog. Google+ is also considered a plus point for blog’s SEO as it’s a Google product – we recommend you post your blog on Google+ to promote your article and get recognised by Google.

Submit your site to search engines

You can submit your site to different search engines. They will index your blog and it will start showing in Google results so you will get traffic easily. This is all a part of search engine optimization also known as search engine marketing (SEM) and is a free, quick and easy way to drive traffic to your blog and website.

Add images and video to your blog

Studies have found that using similar images can boost the sharing of your post’s and it will reach to maximum people’s and more people will visit it and get to know about your blog. It also kept your users busy with your blog and will love your blog.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the best way of getting “returning visitors” and decreasing the bounce rate off your blog.  For example a blog you had written an article about your newsfeed and linked to your Facebook page’ then you can link these posts with each other.

Online Directory submission

You can also submit your blog to high PR directories. An example of good directory is You can use these directories to get high traffic and rank high on Google SERPS (search engine results page) for your chosen keywords. This will bring both referral as well as search engine traffic to your blog.


Make good videos on your topic and upload them to YouTube. Make sure you tag and optimize your video, add a description and hyperlink your blog underneath the video so people can click back to your article.  Add your social icons as well as website (WordPress blogs and websites are the only ones accepted) to your Channel dashboard.  This will also redirect a large amount of traffic back to your blog.

If you’re looking for blog marketing London are please contact Blideo for help and more information.


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